20 Life Hacks for Every Nigerian


1) Iron the most important and strategic part of your shirts first. If you wear suits a lot, just iron the shirts’ collar and cuffs.

2) Your money is enough to buy a phone, but not enough to get at least, two powerbanks with it? Don’t buy the phone. It’s useless.

3) If you have to choose between charging a phone or a powerbank, charge the powerbank. You can’t press your powerbank while charging.

4) When traveling, learn to pay the driver with plenty twenty naira bills. It may shorten the time you spend on the road.

5) The first person to get to the police station is the winner. If an armed robber gets to the station before the robbed bank, the bank is guilty. So, always be the first to report.

6) You want to build a house? Don’t just plan for the duplex, plan to build a…

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Will I Marry? Part 1

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I Fight

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Set yourself free

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10 of my guilty pleasures

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