The Boxing Match

"Baby girl, I have always dreamed of being a CEO of my own fashion company. I want to export my clothes to other countries and be a name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry all over the world. That's a big dream and sometimes I ask myself how real is it in the … Continue reading The Boxing Match


Happy Birthday to ME

The ME-tamorphosis

Have you ever wondered what makes the butterfly so unique? What makes it so strong and resilient. I have and that is why I love the butterfly. What I love most about the butterfly is the process it goes through to become one. The process of change from the old to the new, from better … Continue reading The ME-tamorphosis

The worth it question

In a world full of people expecting something from us. Remember the most important person you have to please is yourself. Some days it gets hard to fight, to become better and to hope for something better. It gets hard to dream of the future and work for it. You make plans but some days … Continue reading The worth it question

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello awesome friends! Another award for your baby girl. This award came in last month but a lot of issues and couldn't share it with you. I am excited and I am more excited about the two wonderful bloggers, Blessing and Oyinda that nominated me for this award. They are wonderful bloggers and their blog … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award